Burngreave Aid for the Syrian Refugees in Greece

Following our recent mission to the refugee camps in Calais Burngreave Building Company are again stepping up to help the refugees, this time a little further afield in Greece.  Two of our employees Ismaeel Mohammed and Wakas Najib set off in one of our vans on Thursday 25th August 2016.  Our van contains many food parcels which will be distributed among the refugees who we all know had to leave behind everything they owned when they were forced to flee their war torn homeland.

Ismaeel  and Wakas along with friend Omair will drive down to Dover for the ferry over to France.  They will then drive through France and Italy before taking the ferry across to Greece.  The whole journey will take them around a day and a half to complete covering an excess of 2000 miles. They will distribute the food parcels to those that are in most need before returning and arriving back in Sheffield on Monday 29th August 2016.

With over a Thousand food parcels they traveled over to Greece and visited 3 of the refugee camps, one particular camp was an old abandoned Airport which was their first port of call. They finally could seen for the first time the abject poverty the refugees were being forced to live in.

What these three young men did is a proud testament to the local youth of today.

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