Burngreave Building Company provides a range of plumbing services, including installation and repairs throughout the Sheffield area and surrounding areas. We serve both domestic customers and commercial customers.

Our aim is to provide a high-quality plumbing service where our customers are satisfied and stress-free. We recognise the importance of plumbing services for our customers and will always strive to complete plumbing installation or repairs in an effective and efficient manner.  

We carry out a wide range of plumbing work at Burngreave, and our highly skilled plumbers can be considered as industry experts, due to our wealth of knowledge and experience in servicing domestic and commercial wet trades. See what our customers think.

Below is a list of Plumbing Installation and Plumbing Repairs (Wet Trades) we typically carry out:

If you turn your taps and no water comes out this could be because you have an airlock in your water pipes. Our team can soon have running water.

We can complete all valve installation or repairs if leaking. Additionally, we can service older types of valves typically found on older properties.

Blockages can be frustrating and cause for many reasons. We will investigate and unblock your toilet, sink and drain to ensure all is correct.

Pipes can burst for mainly two reasons due to a change in temperature or if a pipe is clogged. Our team can install and repair pipes.

If your property has flooded, due to plumbing, we offer an emergency call out where we respond as soon as possible and will stop the cause of flood and seek to repair.

If you are out with the old and in with a new our team are experts at installing a wide range of hot water cylinders.  

There can be a variety of reasons as to why you have hot water problems. Thankfully Burngreave offers both plumbing and gas services, so whatever the scenario our specialists can fix it.

We can install and repair a range of radiators whether you want new ones or your old ones repaired. It is equally important to have maintenance work carried out on your radiators if heat performance has dropped.

Sufficient shower pressure is an issue faced by many. Our plumbing specialists can fit a range of pressure boosters such as single and twin impeller pumps.

Our team can install and repair a whole range of different taps whether old or new. For repairs, our team will need a diagnosis of the problem and then we can fix in a timely manner.

If you are looking for cost-effective and timely toilet repairs or alternatively require the installation of a new toilet system get in touch.

Newer cylinders commonly utilise an unvented water cylinder that boils water instantly. If you are having issues or require a replacement make sure to contact us.

Leaking stopcocks is a broad term for a range of valves. If you are facing a valve-related issue which is not closing the water flow we can install or repair depending on the condition.

We are the ideal choice for water heater repairs and installation due to having both skilled plumbers and gas engineers.

Our Charges:

Weekend / Out of Hours
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Our work is billed by the hour and we operate a 1-hour minimum charge. After the first hour, work is billed in 15-minute increments.

We do however also have the option for some projects to provide an estimate before beginning work, although we recommend you get in touch with us first to discuss your project requirements.