Void Property Management

Over the years we have refurbished many void properties for a number of clients. Works can typically range from minor works to complete overhaul of the property.

Voids can typically comprise of:

  • Full Rewires
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Replacements
  • New Plumbing and Heating Systems
  • Full Replaster
  • New Doors and Windows
  • Full Painting and Decorating
  • Property Clearance
  • Property Protection
  • Bringing Property to Lettable Standards
  • Minor Repairs

Fire and Flood Damaged Properties

Work comprising of initial clearance of property in order to assess damage; specialist cleaning, and once assessment is made a full scheme of work is carried out.

Works can typically comprise of:

  • Setting up of Caravans, Temporary Paths and Assistance with Affected Areas
  • New Bathroom and Kitchen Replacements
  • Structual Works
  • Full Electrical Replacement, Plumbing and Heating System
  • Full Replaster Dependant on Fire Damage
  • Full painting and decorating
  • New Plumbing