Heating & Gas Works Sheffield

Burngreave Building Company provide services for commercial and domestic heating and gas works throughout Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

We carry out a wide range of works relating any issue you might be facing with your heating system or trouble with your gasworks. We understand the importance of these utilities working from both a commercial & domestic approach & always endevour to help you as quickly as possible.

We carry out a wide range of work and our expert team have the knowledge to deal with most gas and heating related work, making us the number one choice for gas works in sheffield. You will receive nothing but the best service from our highly reviewed team.

Our Heating & Gasworks Services:

New and old appliance, our team have many years experience in a wide variety of appliances.

It can be daunting when boiler breakdown happens but our experts know the best route to take to find the problem quickly. We investigate boilers a lot meaning we know the issues to look for!

Once a boiler issue is identified it’s important to rectify it as soon as possible to avoid any further disruption or damage. Burngreave will get your boiler back to 100%.

Replacing a boiler can be a big expense. With Burngreave we are skilled in full boiler system installations so you are guaranteed a quick, efficient and hassle free installation.

There are a wide range of products on the market now to make your home smarter and more energy efficient when it comes to your heating system. Our engineers are trained to work with the latest technology to keep your property functioning.

Fault finding and fixing of your central heating system with Burngreave will keep your property warm this winter.

Central heating pumps can fail for a number of reasons causing uneven heating in your property. We can fit your new pump efficiently and have your entire property back up to temperature.

Boilers rely on cylinders to store hot water making them a core part of your system. Burngreave are able to carry out any maintenance work needed to keep your cylinder functional, no matter of the type.

Visit our emergency call out page for full details. Our engineers are available around the clock, providing  24/7 emergency heating repairs and gas works. We also cover emergency plumbing work.

Gas can be extremely dangerous. Our engineers are trained in handling gas repairs whilst keeping your property safe, testing for gas leaks or issues and certifying properties that are up to standard.

For those properties that better suit an immersion heater, Burngreave are on hand to fully install your new system.

Radiator bleeding can be messy and cause avoidable damage and issue in your system. If we believe there are bubbles in your system causing issue we can bleed your radiators without mess or worry.

We’re experienced in installing a wide variety of radiators in varying properties from commercial offices to heritage homes. When it comes time to replace your radiators burngreave are here to complete the work efficiently and get your home warm again.

Leaks can cause lasting damage to your property as well as unsightly marks. Our emergency call out service means we will be with you within 4 hours to identify and plug any leak in your radiators.

Strange noises in a radiator systems can be at best annoying and worst a cause for concern. Our team are trained to identify the source of noise from your system and take the necessary actions to prevent it.

With such a wide variety of central heating thermostats on the market it’s important yours is fitted correctly to give you full control of your system, and our engineers will do just that.

An easy way of controlling the temperature in a particular room, these values can save you money by reducing waste energy and we are able to fit them for you.

Flushing the sludge and gunk out of your system under high pressure, our engineers can carry out power flushing and identify any damage caused by foreign materials flushed out.

Our Charges:

Rates Mon–Fri
Weekend / Out of Hours
Heating & Gas Work Price on
Price on
Price on
*Gas Safety Check for 1 no boiler & up to 2no gas appliances inc Homeowner/Landlords Certification Price on
Price on
Price on
*Boiler Service                                  inc Homeowner/Landlords certification for boiler only Price on
Price on
Price on
*combined Service & Gas Safety Check for 2 no gas appliances inc Homeowners/Landlords Certification Price on

* Fixed Price

Gas Safety Check Sheffield: Homeowner and Landlord Certification

For rented property in particular, The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state clearly the importance of having an in date Gas Safety certificate. This last 12 months and can only be completed by a Gas Safety Registered Engineer. Burngreave Building Company are here for all you gas safety needs whether you are a homeowner, tenant or landlord/ agency.

Fixed Price on Application

We also complete Plumbing work:

As well as completing the wide range of heating and gas works specified above, Burngreave Building Company are also able to complete a great variety of plumbing work including an out of hours service should you need an emergency plumber in sheffield. To find out more about our plumbing services including the work we carry out and charges, visit our dedicated plumbing page here.