Roofing: The power of prevention

“We all need a roof over our heads” is a quote we all know and aspire to achieve. In fact food, water and a roof over our heads are three of the basic human rights we should all be entitled to. For many of us, we take our roofs for granted without much thought into their condition or appearance. We do not pay much attention to this fundamental part once we are inside our homes but poor maintenance to this most intrinsic portion of our homes could spell disaster.

Leaks, moisture, loose debris and poor safety are all predicaments that can occur when improper care of your roof is taken. The weather here in Britain is very unpredictable and even in Summer, damaging storms can occur. Loose or broken tiles can start off as a small problem but quickly turn into a more serious one if quick repairs are not undertaken. Sometimes a leak will arise and go undetected, perhaps leaking only into a loft or attic, and only become noticeable once moisture or damp appears in ceilings. Not only is a leak unsightly with damage to walls and ceilings occurring, it can be the start of a mould and damp problem. This can lead to greater problems and even health issues as mould and damp often cause respiratory problems.

Prevention is infinitely better than waiting until a problem occurs but for many of us, the thought of going up onto our roofs to check them is impossible or completely impractical. Even if you are able to get onto your own roof to check it, actually carrying out any repair work can be daunting and difficult without the right knowledge and tools. Using a specialist roofing contractor can take away the unnecessary risk or danger of maintaining your own roof.

Our team here at Burngreave Building Company offer a 24 hour out of hours service for any emergency work that may need rapidly fixing. Our roofers in Sheffield are all vastly experienced and can undertake work throughout Yorkshire. Whether you are looking for repair work such as chimney, leadwork, guttering or roof repairs or you wish to carry out more extensive work such as a new pitched or flat roof our team are available.

Contact us today to discuss any roofing concerns and our friendly team will be able to advise you on the right steps to take. We are happy to help and always offer up non-biased advice to ensure you get the best outcome to suit your needs.

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