What Is Ventilation and Why Is It so Important?

Ventilation is the provision of fresh air into a room or building and the removal of stale air. This can be by natural ventilation via building openings such as windows or doors or by mechanical ventilation via air conditioning or extractor fans. Keeping your property and roof ventilated is incredibly important in maintaining the health and longevity of your building or home. Poor ventilation can create a whole host of problems which left unaddressed can result in much bigger and costly complications. Common signs that your property needs improved ventilation include condensation, damp, mould, excess heat and smells.

How Does Condensation Occur?

In the everyday home, activities such as showering, cooking and drying clothes create warm moist air which rises, eventually becoming trapped in your loft space. If your loft is unventilated then the warm air is unable to escape, so turns into condensation when it touches cold spots inside your loft. The warm air touching the cold surface reverts itself back into its liquid state and forms droplets of water. Over time this can lead to damp patches which will grow mould, as well as creating an awful stale smell in your loft, mould can cause health problems. Condensation can also occur in kitchens or bathrooms if there is inadequate ventilation. The average family produces up to 10 litres of moisture a day, making it important that it is not left to build up within your property.

Summer is the ideal time to renovate your property and address any issues such as poor ventilation, that left to its own devices can escalate into bigger problems. If your home is experiencing problems with condensation or mould it could be time for a refurbishment. Consider installing a new extractor fan in your bathroom or kitchen as over time they can become clogged up and less efficient. If your loft or basement is suffering from ventilation problems then it is worth adding structural ventilation to your property. It is best to call in professional builders to make any major structural changes, they will also be able to advise you in the most efficient way to proceed.

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