Is Your Home Summer Proof?

Whilst we may all think winter is the worst time of the year for our houses and roofs, with snow, hail, frost, heavy rainfall and wind to contend with, it may be surprising to hear that summer comes with its own set of problems.

Moss can be an issue for our roofs as over the summer there can be significant growth, causing large areas of moss to form. Whilst looking unsightly, this can be a problem over time as moss causes moisture to become trapped which can lead to rotting and damage. The longer the moss is on the roof the more attached it will become and eventually it may need professional help to remove it. Moss can also become detached and fall into guttering creating blockages so it is always advisable to check your guttering in the summer too.

Ventilation in our roofs can be a problem with the prolonged warmer weather, as hot air rises and can become trapped if there is not proper ventilation. This trapped warm air can create excess moisture which in turn can result in damp and mould in your attics and lofts.

Unpredictable weather is common for a British summer with hot humid days resulting in thunderstorms, and high winds. Wind can lift roof tiles or cause them to slip down and break. It is always advisable to check your roof after a storm for any damage and if you do notice any slipped shingles then get them repaired promptly.

Sunny days are appreciated by many but can cause damage to our homes, the sun’s UV rays are not just harmful to us but also to the lifespan of our roofs. Roof shingles can dry out, warp and crack with intense heat and eventually these may become loose and move. This can leave areas exposed which could result in leaks. You may have noticed loose pieces of shingle in your guttering which is a sure fire sign that parts of your roof are deteriorating.

Burngreave Building Company are experts in roofing solutions and can provide you with the information and resolutions to keep your home healthy and a roof over your head. Our roofers in Sheffield can cover areas within South Yorkshire and are happy to provide you with a no obligation quote for any work required.

Our team are happy to answer any questions or worries you may have regarding your property so contact us today.

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