Stay Warm this Winter

Don’t be stuck in the cold this winter, Burngreave Building Company can help! When it’s freezing outside, which it certainly is at the minute, we all dream of getting home and into our warm houses after a long hard day. But imagine getting home and the boiler has broke, the heating doesn’t work and there’s no hot water…

Burngreave Building Company are unfortunately very familiar with these situations but with all these cases comes years of experience in repairs! Our Sheffield based family owned and run business have a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals to get you out of your sticky situation and get your home back in order in no time.

We work around the clock and our phone lines are open 24 hours so you can contact our friendly team to discuss our services further at a time that is convenient to you but also perfect for emergencies. We have state of the art technology which allows the help desk to then allocate your issue to our skilled team member that is closest to you and available first to minimise repair time and ensure you receive the quickest service possible.

Our fees are transparent and are calculated at an hourly rate with the minimum charge being one hour. The fees do vary depending on the call out time which can be seen in our fee structure here. There are no hidden charges and no additional fees so you won’t be left with hefty unexpected bills.

For more information on our services, contact us on 0844 245 6180 or

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