Winter is here – how is your roof holding up?

Winter with roof with snow and ice which can damage your roof and require attention from a roofing contractor SheffieldWinter is fully upon us! For most that will mean getting into the festive spirit. You might even be hanging up the Christmas lights around your roof so why not take the opportunity to check your roof is surviving winter? 

It pays not to forget about the roof over your head, especially through the colder months as it is more susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Proactive observation, care and liaison with an expert could help save money long term that should be going towards presents and your 2018 summer vacation.

We’ve spoken to some of our Sheffield based roofing team and have come up with our top tips on ensuring your roof is in great condition.

Roofing Evaluation – Speak to the Professionals

Making sure your home is fully intact before the season starts will always be your best bet at preventing any damage to your property or excess costs from your heating bills. Take the time when is safe and convenient to evaluate your roof and look out for signs it may be suffering.

Whilst being proactive will always rank high on the list of roof care tips, nothing will beat the knowledge and expert skills of your local contractor (we don’t just say this because we have a team of them). During the colder months, roofing is liable to damage from strong winds and adverse weather conditions. It you’ve spotted one of the signs your roof may be in trouble don’t hesitate to get a second opinion from an expert.

Clean the gutters

Whether you’re hanging up the lights, investigating a draft or heeding our advice to check you roof, its always worth making sure your gutters are clear. Doing so prior to an adverse weather warning can help your gutter survive. A gutter which is filled with dirt and debris can become blocked. Water and dirt will back up, flooding the bottom of your roof and the side of your house. Messy, unattractive and putting your home at risk. Ask yourself if your gutters need cleaning or worst case, replacing?

Check for leaks

Britain is notorious for its wet weather, but it might not be until the winter months you are able to identify leaking. It can be one of the most common issues many are faced with across winter. Leaks can be quick and easy to fix but if left untreated can have devastating impacts on both your roof and the entire home underneath. Our emergency response team are just a phone call away, should anything happen to your roof over the Christmas period or a leak becomes apparent.

As 2018 draws in…

If any of the above issues have revealed issue, maybe its time to consider investing in your home come the new year. By making sure your home is fully insulated, you will reduce the risk of heat escaping and water entering, keeping your homes toasty and dry all year round. Speak to our building experts and plan your 2018 project now!

Ice Dams

If heat begins to escape from a home, it can also affect the roof. Imagine, the temperature drops, it’s freezing cold and your roof is in a poor condition. Heat escapes easily through as quickly as you can heat the house. This heat melts ice, which filters back through and refreezes. Ice dams form which are particularly dangerous. They can build up on top of your roof and under it, putting your home at risk through the extra strain on your home.

This is not written to scare, only to help educate you on looking after your roof year after year, winter after winter. Seeking expert help and advice from our team can give you the peace of mind this winter and the next. Your homes will be safe, secure and warm every Christmas.

Burngreave Building Company would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year, we look forward to working with you and delivering our services through 2018.