Do I Need a Gas Safety Check this Winter?

winter gas safety check

As the winter nights creep in, are you sure your boiler is functional? As a Sheffield landlord or resident, your property or home may need a gas safety check to ensure it’s running efficiently. Here is everything you need to know.

Latest research from the Gas Safe Register has found that 1 in 6 homes inspected by engineers contains unsafe gas appliances. Not only could this cause problems for your family in your home, but even more problematic if you are a landlord.

We have recently looked at what a gas safety check is and whether you do actually need one (the answer is yes, regularly); but here we explore what you need to know regarding checks, and how to stay safe in your home this winter.

What you need to know about gas safety checks

As a landlord (or even as a tenant), it’s wise to know the regulations surrounding your gas, your safety, and what to do should any issue arise:

For rented property in particular, The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state clearly the importance of having an in date Gas Safety certificate. This lasts a total 12 months and can only be completed by a Gas Safety Registered Engineer.

Burngreave Building Company offers homeowner gas safety checks and is regulated to issue gas safety certificates as part of our callout services, as well as landlord gas safety checks; ideal for both agencies, private landlords and individuals too!

Top tips for gas safety in your home

Before you request a gas safety check this winter, here are our top tips of things to spot in order to make sure you feel safe in your home and your boiler is up to scratch:

  • Ensure you have a carbon monoxide reader somewhere within your home
  • Be cautious if your pilot light flame looks yellow rather than blue
  • If you spot black soot marks on the appliance, be wary
  • Do you notice fumes or smoke coming from the appliance?
  • Increased levels of condensation in the same room as the gas appliance
  • If your pilot light frequently goes out
  • Noticing your appliance becoming unusually noisy

Should any of these issues arise, it’s worth speaking to a local company to assist.

How much does a gas safety check cost?

Callouts for heating and gas start from as little as £54 plus VAT during certain hours. We also offer weekend call outs and emergency out of hours services, but costs can vary. Please visit our heating and gas work page for a full price breakdown.

These issues can become quite confusing and complex as time goes on, so should you have any queries or worries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to put you at ease, or even come out for a home visit.