How Wind Impacts Your Roof

Fence panels are laying flat in gardens and wheelie bins have been uplifted from the side of the road and thrown down, their contents left littering your street. The evidence of a windy night is evident but have you considered the impact it might have had on your property?

Damage can be costly to repair. Your first line of defence is a well-constructed roof, installed to withstand the elements. If repairs are needed this can also be an opportunity for a professional roofing contractor Sheffield to make these upgrades.

How does Wind Damage Occur to my roof?

Wind will impact the edges the most! The pressure is greatest in each corner. A loose shingle which may have just been hanging on is extremely likely to be caught up and thrown off by high winds. From here the wind catches under the rest of the shingles and you will risk losing more. Depending on where you live, high winds may lead to tree branches falling onto your property and causing damage.

Manage risk to your roof:

Responsible management means you ensure anything that might cause damage is anchored down or trimmed. Remove anything that is caught on your roof immediately and safely.

What can I do?

Contact your local roofers Sheffield immediately if you notice any missing shingles or suspect damage from debris or wind. If your roof is not repaired then further damage could be done under the shingles leading to water damage.

Enquire about the shingles wind resistance and consider investing in a higher quality shingle if your property has historically suffered from wind damage. This will save you money and time in the long run. Your local Sheffield based roofer will know your area and how the wind direction is most likely to impact your property. They will then be able to provide a professional roof installation service with the right parts.

Ensure you know the type of roof over your head and contact Burngreave, your local roofing Contractors Sheffield at the first sign of wind damage.  

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