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Flat Roof Repair Sheffield

For Planned & Emergency Roofing repairs in  South Yorkshire

A badly built or worn down flat roof can cause many problems if not installed correctly or repaired in a timely, efficient manner by a professional roofing team.

As opposed to standard pitched roofs, flat roofs are built so that they are level, which can have many benefits such as a cheaper installation cost, use of roof space and accessibility. Unfortunately, flat roofs can also come with their disadvantages such as poor drainage. With the tendency to retain water in a puddle on the roof, leaks and breaking down of materials can occur.

Burngreave Building Company has a wealth of experience in installing, maintaining and repairing all types of roofs with competitive pricing and the highest quality of work.  

Our team can provide high-quality roofing in Sheffield for commercial, residential and industrial properties. You need a team with the proven knowledge to advise, install and repair a range of flat roof systems so you can be assured your roof is built for maximum efficiency.

Nothing can prepare you for when your roof suddenly needs to be repaired or replaced. Whether it’s accidental damage, severe weather or deterioration over time, our professional roofing services in Sheffield, South Yorkshire can help.

As roofing specialists, we regularly work with a range of roofing materials including slate, tiles, rubber and felt. We’ll assess your current roof and advise you on the best materials for your project.

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