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Call us now for urgent chimney repairs and our 24/7 helpline will organise our roofers to be at your property ASAP.

Burngreave Building Company offers chimney repairs in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Our 24 hour hotline is there for you whenever you need a call out. We are the unrivaled chimney repair service Sheffield needs.

Chimneys often take the brunt of the adverse weather. Over the years they become susceptible to unavoidable damaged which can go unnoticed until it is too late. To remain at their best and to stay fully functional, they will require repairing and maintenance for up keep.

Our team can proactively work to restore your chimney (as well as repair your roofing) to a stable condition by identifying and carrying out comprehensive mends to keep your home safe.

We guarantee a competitive cost-effective price for repairing your chimney.

With over 20 years building experience providing outstanding renovations to commercial and residential properties, Burngreave Building Company is one of the most relied upon building refurbishment companies in Sheffield.

Request a quick chimney repair quote by filling out the contact form or contact us at your own leisure.

Signs you need to look in for repairs

Here are a few visible signs that indicate repairs are needed:

  • Excessive smoke
  • Missing or damaged cap
  • Visible settling of structure
  • Ceiling and/or wall stains
  • Chimney crown cracks
  • Flaking liner
  • White stains on exterior
  • Rotting frame in your home

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