Do you know the type of roof over your head?

It might not be as obvious as you’d think. We get many customers call up, often in a fluster because of damage to their roof and the need for an emergency roofing contractor but when we ask the type of roof they have, the line goes quiet.

You wouldn’t be alone in not knowing the type of roof that sits upon your house so we’ve taken the time to give you a quick run down. Knowing the type of roof over your head will make life a lot easier the next time you need a roofing contractor, whether in Sheffield or beyond.

Rooftops across the UK vary massively. Our sheffield roofers see most of these types on a monthly basis. This is not an extensive list but will act as a starting point.

Flat Roof

Possibly the most obvious to start with. As you can imagine this type is characteristically flat in nature. It is worth bearing in mind if you do have a flat roof regular maintenance is required to assure drainage is effective.

Gabled Roof

Common in the UK, the gabled roof consists of two sloping sides. These will form a triangle on top of your house where they meet in the middle. The name comes from the gable placed where the sides meet, forming a triangular ridge.

Cross Gabled Roof

Picture a gabled roof, but instead with multiple rooflines intersecting. You’re most likely to see this on larger properties with far more roof to look after.

Hipped Roof

4 clopping sides intersect to form a ridge which is squared off, again with a gable. If the upper part of your gable has a small ridge then you’re roof is known as a half-hipped roof.

Lean to

This is most commonly used when adding an extension to your home. This type of roof is a single slope which meets at a wall. Your roofing contractor may also know this as a mono pitched roof (mono meaning one of course).

Roofs come in many shapes and sizes from steep pitches to gentle inclines with unlimited variances in between. Burngreave Building Company is available on a 24/7 basis to help with all your roofing and building needs. View our completed projects today for an insight into what we can do or contact us now to start your very own project.