Quantity Surveying graduates building careers with Burngreave

We believe in working towards our partner’s goals and objectives as well as those of our own, therefore for those reasons we recently employed two Quantity Surveying Graduates (Abbas Mahmood and Rory Powell) and an Environmental Conservation Graduate (Mark Jackson) all of whom graduated from Sheffield Hallam University.

We also employ an Assistant Quantity Surveyor (Craig Webb) who is still studying at SHU on a part-time basis on day release.

Offering students opportunities is something we have taken an initiative on and is a culture we intend on maintaining.

The performance of the SHU graduates/students has been pleasing and surpassed our expectation which gives credit to the establishment at SHU.

We have found that although the graduates/students may be lacking in certain areas due to their inexperience, they also bring other innovative qualities not found in the older more experienced team members.

Not only have we taken an initiative on employing SHU students/gradates but we also do and have taken the development of these individuals very seriously. We have positioned them alongside experienced professionals and delegate them specific tasks in-order to better their development.