How to Clean Your Gutters

how to clean your gutters

Cleaning your gutter can be a laborious task – but maintenance is needed to ensure they remain healthy and functioning. Should you neglect cleaning, you could face damage to your property, more than you realise, costing you a fair amount of money to resolve.

Over time, gutters can become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris from the natural world – as well as water. This could lead to damaged or erosion resulting in bad smells, but even worse, flooding or leaking which could cause water damage to your property. This can even escalate to damage to the rest of your roof.

As a result, you will need emergency gutter repair or relining. But with the proper maintenance, this can be prevented.

What is the best way to clean?

Prevent sagging and damaged foundations with these quick and easy steps:

  • Remove your gutter covers (should you have any)
  • Remove anything sticking out that isn’t stuck or that is easily moveable
  • Scoop out debris with a tool (try to not use your hands unless you absolutely have to)
  • Flush with water and check the flow
  • Check the spouts for any lodged debris (and try to flush water up with a garden hose)
  • Should there be a clog, guide the hose down the spout to locate the clog (using hot water from a kettle and grime/dirt removing solutions will help loosen the debris)
  • Make sure that all parts are securely attached and don’t look loose

Remember to always wear an old shirt with long sleeve and rubber gloves to protect yourself, and use a strong extendable ladder.

When should you have your gutters cleaned?

We advise cleaning at least twice a year – once in spring once the weather clears, and then again late summer before autumn sets in. However, should your house be situated in a tree-heavy area, or if you suffer from adverse weather conditions, it is worth checking up on every 3 months to ensure they are in good working order.

We are able to inspect all parts of your roof for you, should you feel unsure, unable to or not safe doing so yourself – request a quick quote by filling out the contact form or contact us on 0844 245 6180 for more information.