Does My Chimney Need Repairing?

chimney repair

Chimneys are a fine addition to any home and add character – however in order to remain prestigious they require maintenance and looking after. Here is a list of several common signs to indicate that you need to tend to repairs to ensure longevity and safety.

Repairing a chimney can be quite a complex job, and not a skill many people carry around in their proverbial DIY belt. When the time comes, the safest option is to contact a local chimney repair expert to ensure a maintenance job is performed correctly.

But how do you know when the time is right to make that call? Sometimes, people will contact a roofing expert, much like a routine check, for peace of mind, or if something doesn’t look quite right. However, there are also some tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for that will indicate it’s time to get the professionals in to check things over.

Here is a rundown of several visible signs to indicate it is time to schedule repairs or renewals:

Noticing excessive or unusual smoke flow

If, when in use, you see an abundance of smoke, or the smoke is not coming out at a steady flow like normal, it could mean more than just you’re overdue a cleaning appointment. If not looked at, it could turn your home into a dangerous environment for your breathing.

Missing or damaged chimney cap or crown

If your building has a cap or crown installed you can easily spot when it is missing, which would indicate you should get a roofing expert to repair it. Similarly, if you can see signs of it being damaged (by the weather or general wear and tear), the same action should apply.

Visible settling of the structure itself

Settling means you can see the stack itself is moving away from your house – it’s leaning to one side, or separating/distancing itself from its foundations. This is definite cause for concern and should be addressed as soon as possible.

White stains on chimney exterior

Noticeable white marks or stains down the neck of the structure indicate it requires cleaning and should be checked for signs of needing repair. This could be caused by several different issues, so it’s wise to request an expert to take a look and handle the issue.

Ceiling and/or wall stains and rotting frame in your home

Signs aren’t just visible to the human eye on the outside of your property – you can also notice some inside. A big factor could be moisture damage, which will only get worse if left alone. Be sure you don’t leave your home at risk of worsening due to negligence.

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