Autumn – Is my Roof Safe?

Welcome to autumn. The ever short British summer time is sneaking off for another year & the leaves are starting to turn brown. Whilst winter is well on its way we have autumn to deal with first and the threat these months make to you roof!

We have discussed weather in regards to roofing a few times now in our blog, although this is an issue that can cost so much when it is often easily preventable if you’re proactive with maintenance.

Autumn prevents its very own unique threat to your roof that no other month can. That is autumn debris. Nature prepares itself for less sunlight and leaves begin to change colour and eventually will fall from the trees.

Throw in the extreme wind conditions we have already seen across parts of the country in 2017 and the bitter impending winter conditions, your roof needs to be braced for what’s about to hit it. Stay vigilant, especially as these autumn conditions can speed up some of the main causes of roof damage and thus your need for roofing contractors. Wet leaves especially provide the perfect habitat for moss to grow. We explored the potential dangers of this in a previous blog post as well as storm warnings.

Burngreave Building Company Autumn winter repairs

Leaves also have the potential to clog your properties drainage, causing water build up. This presents a danger of water flowing up your shingles and causing leaks in your roof, putting your entire home at risk of structural damage.

Other signs to look out for include the autumn winds lifting your roof shingles up. The slightest lift can allow access for debris and leave the shingles permanently raised to all of nature’s elements. This also includes moisture which instantly raises your properties risk of water damage.

Depending on where you live, leaves may be the least of your worries. Larger debris from trees such as branches and twigs may break off and head straight for your property. These can damage and knock shingles and strip the protective layer of gravel on roofing shingles. Look for any bare areas on your shingles and be reactive if you see any damage.

It’s safe to say that autumn conditions combined some of the worst conditions your property can face. The likes of leaves and impending winter winds can be your roofs biggest enemy at this time of year. Keep a close eye on your entire property and if you’re worried about damage call the Burngreave Building Company, expert roofing contractors in Sheffield.